Fortress Europe, Venice Biennale – the Jakarta Post

Designs by 23 Indonesian architects are being exhibited at the Italian Cultural Institute in Central Jakarta until June 17.

Dubbed “Fortress Europe”, the exhibition features shelter and social housing designs for migrants amid the influx of migrants into the continent.

“Capsule of Hope”, designed by Atelier Cosmas Gozali.(JP/Masajeng Rahmiasri)

“This is the chance for Indonesian architects to act globally, not only think globally. The theme is social and it is about how architects need to have sensitivity about what is happening in front of our eyes. In Indonesia, architects’ social projects are rare,” said project head Budi Pradono during the opening of the exhibition on Tuesday.

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In “Fortress Europe”, Budi presents a design called Tape Worm, which is flexible, tape worm-shaped social housing that is intended to be located on the borders of Serbia and Hungary. In this design, he separates the housing into three main areas that cater to women, men and families.

“Tape Worm”, designed by Budipradono Architects.(JP/Masajeng Rahmiasri)

The designs are set to be featured at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 in Italy slated between May 28 and Nov. 27.

The exhibition also features creations by Abie Abdillah, Alvin Tjitrowirjo and Cosmas Gozali, whose designs are also being displayed at the Milan Triennale 2016 between April 2 and Sept. 12.

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Abie, who created a rattan chair, said the event offered a chance to show that Indonesian rattan designed by an Indonesian can be on par with the designs of world-renowned artists.

“Rattan Chair”, designed by Abie Abdillah.(JP/Masajeng Rahmiasri)

“This is also the moment to raise the profile of Indonesian rattan, which is a flexible material that can be used as a commercial commodity. If we use rattan, those trees [in the rainforests] don’t need to be cut down,” he added.

Abie’s handcrafted chair reportedly has been included in the collection of Cappellini, a famous Milan-based design firm. (kes)