Our studio is featured by a particular attention to details. We believe that it is details that shows the quality of architecture.

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In 1995, seven graduates of Architecture Department Bandung Institute of Technology dedicate to build their own architecture studio. HEPTA, the latin word for seven, was chosen as their studio name. As young architectural studio, the seven relied on entering competition to build up their architectural competence; within few months, HEPTA has won three national design competitions of various scales ranging from a housing design competition to an extensive urban revitalization.

Now, HEPTA brings over fiften years of experience on a broad range of projects. HEPTA has undertaken work in architecture, interior design, and master plan. The firm has executed a diverse range of building type including hospitality, office, government building, residential, and memorial.

Since its beginning, HEPTA also kept its creative minds constantly active by doing competitions allow the luxury of experimentation in design and also giving chances to work on more rarified projects ; when you are running a business, you rarely have opportunities to exercise on idealistic ideas. We believe that design competition can act as a catalyst to make us and compotitors strives for a level of architecture excellence that will benefit us all.

About The Team

Individual commitment to a group effort – that’s what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

Meet The Team

Our team consists of experienced architects who develop the projects starting with a sketch and following it up to complete implementation of intended ideas.



BOS - P Jim


Chief Executive Officer / Principal Architect

BOS - Bu Iya


Chief Bussiness Officer/  Senior Interior Designer

BOS - P Aris


Chief Operational Officer /  Architect

BOS - Fhm


Chief Design Officer/ Architect


ASC - Pak Bas


Associates /  Principal Architect

BOS - P Ajat


Associates / Senior Architect



BTA - Dipo

Soeryo Dipo Alam, ST

BTA - Ary

Ari Fakhriansyah, ST

BTA - Wibhi

Seta Wibhi Pratama, ST

HTP - Ardy
Riardy Rakhman Diasbudi, ST

BTA - Dhika
Andhika Pradana, S.Ars

HPT - Mishael
Mishael Banjarnahor, S.Ars


INT - Indri

Indri Fatma Falah, S.Ds

INT - Hafi

Hafizha Ridhal Malik, S.Ds


DFT - Welly


DFT - Sandi

Sandi Supriadi

DFT - Jatmika


DFT - Handi
Handi Suhardiman

DFT - Pak Ayi

Ayie Mulyadi Gani


ADM - Ellis

Elis Ai Sukaesih

ADM - Yani

Yani Karyani

SPT - Rian

Ferdian Adhiansyah

SPT - Nono

SPT - Pak Day

SPT - Didin



The existing building site, it’s environment and its culture are the greatest source of inspiration and knowledge.


Our design is architecture for living and nurturing a better life. Consequently architecture must protect sustanainbility of our environment.

Knowledge Base Decision

We emphasizes the problem solving side of architecture, consequently every design decision must base knowledge and reason.


Our design is a process towards creating human livable spaces. Our design derives and suits itself with human needs.


Our design solution derives from honesty of material, shapes, function, and the association between them.


Our design is an continuing efforts in integrating the architecture, it’s landscape as well as relevant building sciences.


Design is a complex process involving expert from multi disciplines. Hepta seeks to simplify complex matter into simple order. Simplicity will guarantee building and environment working together properly.


HEPTA And The Client

At HEPTA, a design process is usually begin with considerations of the client’s ideas, specific needs and the particularities of the site to establish a strong conceptual framework. A collaborative process with clients, other architect, engineers, specialty consultants, and within the office creates a process that invite ideas to flourish. Throughout this process, the take-and-give of ideas between everyone involved is welcome and encouraged, through a series of focused design meeting. By working closely with clients, their programs, and the potential of each site, HEPTA is able to make architecture that truly responds to the factors that shape each situation, from the big idea to the smallest detail.

HEPTA And Collaboration

As a design firm, HEPTA believes in creative collaboration. We believe that the best architecture can be achieves through a process of intensive, on going dialogue, collaboration, analysis, and application of instinct and insight. We also believe that the collaboration efforts of a varied group of designers and architect would be far more effective than those of any one individual.


We’re fortunate to have worked with some great brands.


Sayembara Taman Budaya Kalimantan Barat (Pontianak)
2019 - 2nd Winner

Sayembara Desain Gedung Arsip Kota Makassar 
2019 - 1st Winner

Sayembara Masjid Apung Ancol (Jakarta)
2019 - 2nd Winner

Sayembara Pusat Informasi Pariwisata (Morotai)
2019 - 2nd Winner

Sayembara Revitalisasi Kawasan Monumen Perjuangan Rakyat (MONPERA - Balikpapan)
2019 - 2nd Winner

Sayembara GSG Universitas Diponegoro (Semarang)
2019 - 4th Winner

Sayembara Bandar Udara Sukabumi 
2018 - 3rd Winner

Sayembara Tugu Simpang 5 Takengon (Takengon - Aceh)
2018 - 1st Winner

Sayembara Patung Kemayoran (Jakarta)
2018 - 3rd Winner

Sayembara Kantor Bupati Sleman (Sleman - Yogyakarta)
2018 - Finalist

Sayembara Pendopo Lapangan Merdeka (Medan)
2018 - Finalist

'The Most Innovative Design' (Colorbond Awards - Cerita Cafe, Jakarta)
2017 - 1st Winner

'The Most Inspirational for Green Concept Application' (Colorbond Awards - Cerita Cafe, Jakarta)
2017 - Finalist

HDII Awards (Cerita Cafe, Jakarta)
2017 - Finalist

Sayembara Restoran Nusantara (Propan - Morotai)
2017 - 3rd Winner

Gedung Yayasan Badan Wakaf UII (Yogyakarta)
2017 - 2nd Winner

Cyber Borneo Office Design Competition (Balikpapan)
2015 - 3rd Winner

Menara Tegalega Design Competition (Bandung)
2014 - 3rd Winner

Pelindo IV Office Design Competition (Makassar)
2013 - 2nd Winner

ITB Jatinangor Mosque Design Competition (Jatinangor)
2012 - Finalist

Quwwatul Islam Mosque Design Competition (Jogjakarta)
2012 - 3rd Winner

UI Art and Design Faculty Design Competition (Depok)
2010 - Finalist

HKBP Sudirman Design Competition (Medan)
2010 - 3rd Winner

UNM Campus Design Competition (Makassar)
2009 -2nd Winner

DPRD Office Design Competition (Bandung)
2008 - 1st Winner

PUSDATA – PU Building Design Competition (Jakarta)
2007 - 1st Winner

Goverment Office Concept Design Competition (Jakarta)
2006 - 1st Winner

University of Diponegoro Gate Design Competition (Semarang)
2005 - 2nd Winner

Jakarta Monorail Station Design Competition (Jakarta)
2005 - 1st Winner

Minahasa Church Design Competition (Minahasa)
2004 - 1st Winner

Bekasi Monument Design Competition (Bekasi)
2003 - 1st Winner