Virtual Office Jakarta

Design Concept
959 sqm

Building Concept

This building designed for virtual and alternative office for the company if there is something trouble (flood, traffic problem, etc) to access their central office on Central Jakarta. Located on the residential complex at Kuningan, South Jakarta, this building is designed with the exploration of indonesian house approach.
Being in the middle of a residential area, the building is designed so that no formal look like office buildings in general, but more of a scuplture gallery, with analogies like a indonesian tropical house that is on top of the hill rocks. With this concept, it is hoped the building is able to fuse with the context of its environment.
Generally, the building uses natural stone material like oyster on the side of the center of the wall. While on the top and bottom using a glass. It is applied to ensure privacy of the meeting was not disturbed but attendees can still enjoy the plants from the bottom side of the glass and look at the sky and trees from the top section of glass.
This 3 storeys building offers 3 meeting rooms and a lounge as a meeting point and as a workspace. 4 bedrooms are also provided to anticipate if there are employees from another city or arbroad to stay. The main meeting rooms are on the 3rd floor building with surrounding buildings designed with glass walls, so it is expected to bring the feel of relaxation during a meeting in the trees around the site. From this room will also be visible skyline of Jakarta office area.

Design Team