The Big Trees, Bekasi

PT Mitra Bening Lestari
Bekasi, West Java
Visioning Plan
2.666 sqm

Located on the middle of a residential area in Bekasi. The presence of big trees in the region can provide freshness in the middle of a residential area that tend to be dense and dry. Being in 2,550 m2 of land, vertically optimized design of buildings. 4 storey building is designed to accommodate the specialty stores and retail stores. The building is designed flexibly so that owners can rent a whole building to one tenant or rented separately per unit shop.
This design would like to give a “new vocabulary” in a commercial building typology. The building is designed as an open gallery. To maintain a human scale to the building, between floors of buildings connected by a ramp. Activities so that shopping becomes more relaxed. This walk is very rare experienced by urban society.
Using vertical garden on the building facade, the building is formed like a large tree. In addition to a positive visual effect on the region, the presence of big trees also expected to give positive effect on the microclimate surrounding area is filled with shops and residential areas.

Published on architecture @14 BCI ASIA magazine

Design Team