Ponpes Al Furqon, Lombok

Pondok Pesantren Al Furqon
Lombok, NTB
Religious Building
On Going
9.797 sqm

This project is a part of Islamic boarding school development that is used specifically for hafiz, a Muslim who wants to deeply know about Qur’an, named Al Furqon. Took place in about 1 hectare area, this project contains educational program as its main facility that consist of mosque, dormitory, classes, cafetaria, swimming pool, teacher’s dormitory, and a sport field. This boarding school also facilitated visitors or the family of the student with cottages and a lounge with Islamic tourism’s experience.

The spirit of locality is the main aspect that is applied to the design of this boarding school area. Starting from choosing the shape of the building which is an analogy from the Lombok granary and the roof of the “bencingah”, to the selection of materials, which use materials that are familiar with the local community and easy to be provided. Bamboo and stone material is chose as the main element so that the impression of being simple and close to nature is still felt. Aside from being an environmentally friendly and sustainable material, bamboo that is used can also be made by utilizing the bamboo gardens of local residents. Therefore, the economy of local residents can be lifted. While the stone material was chosen with consideration of ease of care, strength, and utilizing the amount of waste stone material around the site. Other aspects that become the part of strategy is the usage of steel and concrete as the material building structure to provide the strength and ease of maintenance. The structural system used is also designed to be resistant to earthquakes that occur quite frequently in the Lombok area.

The green design approach is passively applied to the entire building to maximize lighting and natural air circulation. The main concept of the open stage, terrace and balcony applies to almost the entire building. Corridors outside the building are also designed to form a hallway that can be functionated as a hot air disposal that appears around the building.

In the master plan, the boarding school area is divided into 3 sections according to their privacy needs. The vehicle parking area is located in the outermost area. there is also a transition area that contains supporting facilities for students and visitors such as sports fields, teaching houses, classes and cottages, as well as the main area which is a core area that requires more privacy. This area contains only dormitory buildings and mosque buildings

The project is planned to be built partially, starting with a number of dormitories and mosque buildings, followed by class buildings, teacher’s dormitory, headmaster’s houses, children’s swimming pools, and equipped with cottages. This project is also planned to become one of the religious tourism destinations for Lombok that has intention to be the one of the boarding school which is well-known as a producer of the Qur’an’s hafiz.

For the funding system, this project will use funding from local governments and financial assistance from donors who are available inside and outside the country. As for maintenance and operations, the pesantren will manage a simple business unit and donor assistance so that the boarding school can operate independently. 

Design Team

Collaborative work with Bambubos