Namrole City Park, Maluku

Buru Selatan Government
Buru Selatan, Maluku
Visioning Plan
44.800 sqm

Site Plan

The concept of site region formation is symbolized by plant tendrils extending from the intersection (the proposed site) Tugu Pemekaran – or also can be represented as water stream from Tugu Pemekaran. The analogy of the tendrils or water stream reflected in the form of pedestrian paths and trekking trails that cut through the site. Starting from the entry point of the region, facing in the visual of Tugu Pemekaran, towards Hutan Kota.

This analogy is used to interpret the acceleration of the development in varied sectors of economic, social, culture and environmental life since the region of Buru Selatan is developed into a Regency. The use of tendrils and water streams is also intended to give a meaning that the development of Buru Selatan Regency is always based on the wisdom of the use of the environment which is actually a source of inspiration and a source of social and cultural life of the society.

The pedestrian paths cutting through Taman Kota will branch and lead to the zones of thematic gardens, playground and economic. Through these paths, visitors will have experiences and visual surprises from the beautiful scenery of the surrounding environment. The surprises are designed through the openings, corridors, junctions and rest areas by using the view

The trekking trails dividing Hutan Kota region will also branch into several parts of Hutan Kota areas. These trails serve as an interpretation line of an environmental learning activities.

Building and Outdoor Space

The architectural form and outdoor space of the buildings in Taman Kota –Tribune VIP Amphitheatre, Meeting Hall, Hotel and Restaurant, and Management Office –are designed in natural and organic patterns – in the shape of flower petals, fruits or seeds that is as if scattered among the trees. These patterns are introduced in the consideration for 1) Providing a unique impression and harmony with the environment as a green open space, and 2) Not competing with regional government office buildings located near the area.

Utility buildings, public facilities and other mass buildings are designed to follow the direction of the overall visual forms of the site.

Design Team