Mika Ngabang School

Yayasan MIKA
Ngabang, West Borneo
Under Construction
1.206 sqm

Situated in an underprivilged multiethnic location, the MIKA School in the village of Ngabang, West Borneo, Indonesia is a school for impoverished students in the village community. The aim is to design a school with a limited budget that reflects local culture without compromising the quality of the architecture, and maintaining a sustanable environment for the inhabitants.

The school is designed with nature in mind, wherein the siteplan features a man-made lake, existing trees are conserved and protected, and hardscaping is minimized as much as possible. The goal is to create a sustainable environemnt for the community where quality study space provides students room to interact with nature while they are learning.

Two totems guard the main entrance, greeting students and staff making their way through the plaza, where the two school buildings on either side of it surround a small garden featuring a large raintree. To the right, behind one school building, is the man-made lake serving as an additional water source for the community, since existing water sources are scarce and the available ones are absorbed by aggressive palm trees. A gazebo on the water serves as a semi-outdoor classroom for students.

Design Team