HKBP Serpong Church

HKBP Serpong
Serpong, Banten
Religious Building
1.848 sqm

This church was designed by offering a new typology for a tropical batak church with a high
and large roof which useful to anticipate the climate and environmental conditions. In general, the typology of ethnic communities Batak church is kind of like a church building in the German countryside (derived from the missionaries who spread Christianity in Batak
communities), which has a high roof and bell tower on the front side. This typology is now
applied in the whole HKBP church building in Indonesia, both in urban and rural areas, nor cool highland and humid seaside areas.

The church design typology tries to criticize it and make design based on ‘dialogue’ with the
environment and the Batak communities. The churches in the city generally has a complex
space which is suitable for heterogeneous and pluralistic society in the city. The church is
expected to be a good public space for the community without compromising privacy that
society. Architecture of rumah panggung shaped like a ship. This is the main idea of the
relationship of the main building and courtyard. Outer space and garden areas were designed to be a space of social interaction, such as in the traditional village of Batak Toba.

sketch - concept

Design Team