Grha Persada Cafe

PT Persada Puritama
Bekasi, West Java
375 sqm

Grha Persada Café is located at the center of Graha Persada 1 office site, Bekasi. This building presented as part of supplementary services from the owner of the building to the tenant rented the office building. The building is designed to be very transparent and accessible. Only the ‘72 sqm traditional pattern resin’ facade that covers most of the 2nd floor area, to reduce sunlight into the building.

Exposed structure and material is also part of the concept of this building. Steel structure, brick walls material, andesite floors, and PVC roof are exposed. A 1.6 cm thick frameless glass bridge is used as an access to the stairs so that visitors can see the fish in the pool. Salvaged materials railroads used on the steps of the cantilever steel stair.

Various support service functions is presented on this 375 square meter building. There is a cafe with a variations of Indonesia’s cuisine menu, a small coffe corner, and a rentable meeting room on the ground floor. A ‘mushola’ (pray room) is located on the 2nd floor. With these facilities, the building is expected to serve as a meeting point, a lounge area, as well as alternative informal meeting for office employees.


Design Team