Bali Hotel & Convention

PT Patra Jasa
Visioning Plan
21.468 sqm

Adjacent to Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport, this project is a development project to increase the capacity and facilities of the hotel. In the existing condition, this hotel only provides some exclusive villas, several meeting rooms and one convention hall. This will be added on the development of a convention with greater capacity and also added 227 bedrooms to support the convention functions and provide an alternative facility to customer. This is done by optimizing the development of vacant land and existing building renovations.

Handayani Building

A building renovation project for twins two storeys employee homestead, and the addition of one new 4 storeys building on bare land. On the renovation project, the entire main structure of the existing building is maintained. Building facade was replaced with the use of bamboo as a secondary skin material on the outer side of the corridor. Development of the building is done by splitting the existing duplet rooms into two separate rooms. In the new building, the building is designed to form a typical Balinese building scale and height of the building is maintained not exceed 15 meters.

Convention Hall

This area is located in the front area of the site and a renovation project by adding a new building on top of existing buildings and parking lots. In contrast to the existing building and Handayani buildings, the concept of this building does not adopt the form of bali traditional house, but like a scuplture which is analogous to the traditional Balinese farming system that is very well known, Subak. Building facade module arrangement using bamboo as an analogy of a pile of rice and straw. While the ramp on the front side of the building is the circulation area for the main convention building with rice analogy and the subak system.
To complement the convention hall, on the east side also added four 3-storey tall twin totaling 72 executive bedrooms.
Challenge in this project is phasing arrangements and hotel development site selection, as most projects is the renovation project and is in the front side of the area. Determination of the composition and shape of the phasing system design will affect the overall hotel operations, mostly exclusive villa facilities.

Design Team