7 Seaside Resort, Padang

Padang, West Sumatera
Visioning Plan
45.850 sqm

“Alam takambang jadi guru…”

The integrated tourism area, “The 7”, settled in a 40 Ha land, consists of a land and a shore facing both sea and a creek area (the south side) and a land that only facing a creek area (the north side).
This site has a beautiful view, especially during sunset; because of the area facing straight to the Indian Ocean on the west, so the whole area got a clear view to the sunset, the area also located not too far from Padang City and Minangkabau Airport, make the area reachable to every visitor to visit. Those are the reasons why this area, Pantai Pasir Jambak has already known to be one of the most popular natural tourism destination in Padang City.

This planned area also consist of a beautiful and exotic row of an old pine tree on the south side, that still be preserved and sustainably cultivated. And it would be ideal if this area still be conservated and still empowered as an icon and also use as a tsunami’s buffer. Therefore, the development scenario is to use the area in the opposite direction, which is the north side. On the north, the land use to develop a Hotel, Convention Centre, Waterboom Park and an International Hospital.

“The 7” design and planning scenario is to discover the distinct landscape and enhance the local culture of Padang, West Sumatera, especially in the coastal region. It will also become an asset to domestic and international tourist destination. It is seen as an “untouched pearl” that no one ever proceed, and it will be combined to the requirements and new facilities for commercial demands to reach the goals.

International Hospital, Convention Centre, Waterboom Park, and a 4-star Hotel will be placed as a tourists need, and harmonically bonded in the nature to enrich the local culture. As an innovation, a creative programming is needed to build such a strong connection to its nature and local culture, as an attraction and an effort to empower the native people in synergic manner.

This integrated tourism area, “The 7”, not only will become a high valuable tourism icon, convenient, and profitable for West Sumatera economics, but also will harmonically related to the nature and local culture. A plan that will sustain…

Design Team